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About Stock Photography

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Some Additional Information About Stock Photography

1. What is stock photography?

Stock photography is available existing photography that design professionals can select, purchase, and use for commercial purposes. Stock photography differs from assignment photography because it is not custom made to a person's specifications. However, stock images retain the professional quality that is often associated with assignment photography.

2. Who uses stock photography?

Communication professionals such as advertising and design agencies, graphic designers, magazine and book publishers, corporations, travel agencies, government and non-profit organizations all use stock photography. People involved in design realize the advantages of using stock photography.

3. Do I want to use stock photography in my design projects?

As a creative professional, you know the right image can make or break your design project. With stock photography, you know you're getting professional looking images. If you're trying to achieve a professional quality in your design work, stock photography has significant advantages over other sources. Our stock images are professional quality and feature a vast and diverse selection of subject matters and styles.

4. What type of stock photography is royalty free stock photography?

It's stock photography that you can buy and license for unlimited usage. Once you purchase royalty free stock photography, you can use and re-use these stock photos and CDs for as many different projects and clients as you wish without paying further licensing fees. "Royalty free" is actually a misnomer since royalty free stock photography is not "free." Rather, royalty free photos and CDs must first be purchased before any usage is permitted. "Royalty free" refers to the ability to reuse the images without paying an additional charge. These images remain non-transferable and you may not sell or distribute these images to others. Some select images on this site and higher resolution versions of most images are not royalty free, but rather are one-time use as designated by a Gold Star Gold Star.

5. What are the benefits of using royalty free stock photography?

Selection and quality. With royalty free stock photography, you'll be able to select many high quality images from our vast collection. Today more than ever, people use stock photography, particularly royalty free stock photography. Royalty free stock photography offers many benefits to designers such as diversity, choice and convenience. And with royalty free stock photography, you'll find professional quality and unique photos for lower cost. In a world of tight budgets and schedules, royalty free stock photography promises design professionals affordability and the freedom to use stock photos under more flexible licensing agreements. Graphic Designers may be able to make images themselves, but still don't have the time to leave the studio and find the right conditions.

6. What type of stock photography does K. L. Images offer?

I offer a growing collection of images on various subject matters. K. L. Images carries unusual subjects and a large collection of architectural related material. Many of Kenneth A. Larson's images were exposed for reference for his Set Design work and often include architecture, street furniture, utility equipment, and objects. These images were still exposed with aesthetics in mind or they are not included in this sight.

7. How quickly can I get my stock photos from K. L Images?

You can download comp images from our pages for layout purposes. Once you've selected and purchased your royalty free stock photo, the CD will be shipped by Fed-Ex in a method of your choosing. E-mail us if you need an individual image immediately and we will allow you to download individual stock photos from CDs you've purchased, so there's no need to wait for your shipment to arrive. K. L Images makes selecting, purchasing and receiving your stock photography as easy as possible so that you can move forward with your project!

8. Why should I buy stock photography from K. L. Images?

Not only do you get the choice you need, but we offer great prices and guaranteed satisfaction in service. As a unique provider in royalty free stock photography, K. L. Images helps designers solve their graphic puzzle!

9. How much does stock photography cost?

The price of stock photos is contingent upon several factors, including the size of the stock image, and in the case of rights managed stock photography, how stock photos are specifically being used. The cost of royalty free stock photos ranges from $25 for a low resolution image to over $400 for a very high resolution image. CD collections start as low as $30 for a low resolution set, while others cost over $700, depending on various factors. However, once you've purchased your royalty free stock photography, you are entitled to use your stock photos as often as you would like and in almost any way that you would like, without having to pay further licensing fees. Some images are specified as single-use designated by the Gold Star Gold Star. We invite you to check out K. L Images' special discounts and great promotions in royalty free stock photography!

10. I"m busy. Can K. L. Images help me find the stock photo I need?

Kenneth A. Larson is dedicated to helping designers find the exact stock photos they need quickly and easily. Who knows a collection better than the photographer who shot the image? Our image research team offers fast and free service and delivers you relevant and useful stock image results. If you're feeling pressured by tight deadlines, simply contact our image researchers and let them know what kind of royalty free stock photography you're looking for, or submit a research request form. I have just begun to scan my thousands of slides. I will adjust my scanning schedule to your needs. I also have alternative views or exposures for some items that I may not have scanned yet. K. L. Images is committed to helping you day in and day out!

11. What type of support does K. L. Images offer our stock photography customers?

Professional pre-sale and post-sale support. K. L. Images offers friendly and professional customer service to help you find the precise stock photos you need.

12. When I buy royalty free stock photography, should I buy individual royalty free photos, or an entire stock photography CD?

Which format you choose for your images depends entirely on your needs and budget. Whether you buy one stock image or an entire royalty free stock photo CD depends on the frequency with which you design for a particular subject matter. Stock photo CDs often offer good value for your money if you are planning to use more than one stock photo from a single collection. However, if you require a higher resolution version of any stock image, then maybe a single image would better suit your needs. And of course, if you are still unsure which to buy, you can always ask our sales representatives. We're always here to help. If you buy CD set and later need a single higher resolution image when available, a discount can be applied.

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